We need enough time to reorganize the GPL- Oti-Akenteng Featured

06 Aug 2018
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Oti-Akenteng Oti-Akenteng

Liaison team member for Ghana, Francis Oti-Akenteng says the country will need enough time to reorganize the Ghana Premier League.


The League has been halted after the Anas expose and some football administrators and fans are calling for the resumption of the league but Oti-Akenteng thinks Ghana needs time to reorganize the league.

"We all want the best so let us use this period to improve the standard of our league with this glorious opportunity from God,"Akenteng told Angel FM.

"Many Ghanaians said they want our calendar to move with the European calendar which starts in August/September but let me ask are we ready for it this year? Definitely No!
"So we have one year difference which is next year to organize our league and we must all support this idea."

"It got to a time that Ghanaians stayed for six months without the premier league so let's wait for just one year and see what we can do."

"We are still experiencing some difficulties as Liaison team so Ghanaians must exercise some patience," he added.

The CAF/FIFA Liaison team met GHALCA last week to discuss the way forward with regards to the Ghana Premier League.

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