Ga North Division Three League turn Bloodshed
Despite the country's soccer governing body, the FA set up measures to run lower division leagues by its statutes, the body has so far failed to supervise with kind interest activities designed to meet certain challenges facing, for example,  Regional Football Associations and for that matter, football in the districts.
It is an open truth that most officials elected to run soccer at various districts do not meet the standard or have not had enough training to discharge their duties effectively as they are always dancing to the tune of those managing the game at the regional level.
Such that, as the membership of the district clubs increases everyday, it becomes an advantage gold mine for the district officers who collaborate with officials of the (RFA) to make money by marketing second division slots, from division three to division two, there is an amount to pay that satisfied them for a team to be promoted despite the club's performance during the season.
This conduct of mismanaging football at the grassroot has become so alarming that those officials perpetrating that crime do so with impunity at the blind side of the FA but, with the assistance of some officials of the (RFA) who, sometimes are hiding behind the name of football and its autonomy.
There are countless cases and evidences at the district football that are brought to the RFA as the sole authority to handle them but, have never seeing the day, even the RFA will never order the case to be heard at the disciplinary committee, still a letter would be served ignorantly to a club for the dismissal of a particular case, setting aside the entire rules and regulations governing the game of football.
The parties are not summoned to attend at least an oral hearing to be conducted by an appointed chairman of a committee put by the RFA, no testimonies from both parties, witnesses should be present to sign.
Having been the source of criticism for the standard of football in the district, officials of the RFA also team up with division two team players who feature during matches of division three teams just for results oriented so that they achieve their aims, for a particular club to win and qualify, despite protests from the district, the RFA keeps mute over it.
In one of the event, there was a day of shame when the GA north division three league ended with a lot of controversy, the final game involving Platinum F/C that hosted FW S/C at the Atomic park in Accra, was not only that a referee happened to be substitute at last hour but, also the game ended abruptly before regulation time due to violence perpetrated by home fans, Platinum F/C and, before the said match, the visiting team protested strongly against four unqualified players who featured for Platinum and violence act by home fans that resulted to a policeman who was stabbed and went to hospital but, as usual, everything went according to plan by the district officers after the game, all protests were thrown out while a letter was served dismissing it.
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