Remembering The May 9 Disaster: Sixteen Years On - Have We Done Enough? Featured

12 May 2017
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Sixteen years ago this month, 126 passionate soccer fans died on esplanade of the tottering Accra Sports Stadium, when a stampede cause people to lose their lives. 

What happened at the Accra Sports Stadium, nobody imagined it could have taken place. Sixteen years on, those affricate still evoke a list of phenomena no fan should expect to confront in any stadia: things such as obstinate incompetence of professional organization, moronic tribalism, hatred and death. 
Delving into this write-up, I've got couple of questions that keep dangling in my skull over the past few months. Firstly, i do know the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) normally collaborates with the National Sports Authority (NSA) to line up series of activities to mark its commemoration, but it seems for sometime now both organisations have decided not to really talk about it? 
Secondly, has authorities of our football been up and doing in organising a seminar just to discuss and educate the public, especially football fanatics in issues of safety , security at stadiums, how individuals needs to comport themselves when there is an ongoing game at the stadia, sports insurance and facility management. 
Finally, my last question is, the Board of Trustees of the May 9 Disaster Fund, is it still running effectively?. And are they regularly still catering for the dependents of the 126 deceased persons?. If they are then i will urge the MOYS to liaise with them effectively. 
Over the years families of these deceased persons has had to struggle, in getting what is due them. 
Personally, i know of a family in my hometown of La - just right on the outskirts of Accra, whose beloved perished in the disaster, but had to frequently go through torrid times just to receive what is due them. 
Ending the first part of this write-up I would like to take the opportunity and laud former Chief Executive Officer of Asante Kotoko, 
Mr. Herbert Mensah, and other philantropists for supporting families of victims of the May 9 disaster. 
Written By: Pascal Amoah 
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