Eugene Jacquaye, the change Ghana need in regional football? Featured

21 Sep 2019
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Eugene Jacquaye has step forward to bring about change in regional football by submitting his form for the position of the Regional football Association chairman (RFA) to the GFA on deadline day.

Jacquaye is the president of Klagon Royals FC, founder of Universal Rockers FC (colts), which was created in 1997.

His also the Organizer of Jordan Anaglah memorial cup, Organizer of McDan colts football tournament.

He has done a lot to move Ghana football in the region to the next level.

One of his achievements at the regional level is giving full sponsorship for 64 division 2 clubs in Jordan Anaglah memorial cup.

The sponsorship also covers referee fees to grass pitches for all matches down to providing water for them to drink.

His currently sponsoring fully 144 colts clubs in the McDan colts football tournament.

Jacquaye has gone further to train so many players, the players play abroad and Chan premier league.

After successfully submitting his form to the GFA, Eugene Jacquaye will release his manifestos tomorrow.

In an exclusive chat, his manifestos is going to cover major issues going on in the region and even further.

How his going to tackle the problems in the region and how he plans to bring development to regional football are all in his manifestos.

Eugene Jacquaye has come forward to bring his wealth of experience in football to run regional GFA, his time for people to back him up to take regional football to the next level.

By Ayodele Emaye

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