GARFA Special Tournament Round of 12 displays quality football Featured

05 Aug 2019
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GARFA Special Tournament Round of 12 matches was nothing short of excitement as quality football was displayed.

The Round 12 produced amazing stats as Six clubs goes through to the next round.

11 goals were scored in the Round 12, as all matches produced goals except for the match between Stallions FC and MSK Zillian FC.

The officiating of the matches was on point as no incident occurred. The referee in charge of the matches have displayed high level of maturity, calmness and disciplinep.

Out of the six matches played, 3 matches went to penalties and only 6 clubs qualified .

This are the result of the GARFA Special Tournament Round 12

1) Adenta Utd 1-0 Mobile Phone P.

2) Alajo United 1-1 Final Whistle

* Final Whistle won 5-4 by Penalties

3) Prestige FC 1-2 Attram De Visser

4) Stallions FC 0-0 MSK Zillina FC

* MSK Zillina FC won 4-3 by Penalties.

5) Charity Stars 1-1 Golden Boys

* Charity Stars FC won 5-4 by Penalties

6) Tema United FC 2-1 FC Raisa

The competition goes into the Round of 6 and there are lot eyes on the tournament as the competition is coming to a close.

The Round 6 matches of the tournament will be played on Saturday, August 10th 2019 at TESHIE MATS PARK.

The three matches will be played in the same venue but at different time, the Round 6 matches will begin 11am and end by 5pm.

The fixtures for the Round of 6 matches are

Final Whistle SC vs Adenta 11am

Charity Stars FC vs Tema United 1pm

Attram de-visser United vs MSK Zilina FC 3pm

By Ayodele Emaye

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