Aduana Stars players cry 4 help, asks the government to come to their aid - Elvis Opoku Featured

29 Aug 2019
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Elvis Opoku was a guest OTEC fm where he explained the crises the players are going through in Aduana Stars.

He also wants the government to come to the aid of the players who have suffered greatly after the Anas Expose saga.

"We can’t blame the management of Aduana Stars for the difficulties. The Anas expose brought all this and has led the players to a difficult situation. we will plead with the Government and the NC to come to the aid of the players because we are in hard times" Opoku told Kumasi based OTEC Fm

"If it were to be an institution, they would have gone for demonstration but since we are players we can't engage in that. As we speak we have kids that we pay school fees, utility bills too and this is worry so the government should come to our aid because football is our full-time job. The Government together with the NC should put proper measures in place for the come back of Ghana football"

By Ayodele Emaye

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