BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Okraku Wins Ghana Football Association Presidential elections Featured

25 Oct 2019
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Kurt E.S Okraku Wins Ghana Football Association presidential elections which was held in Accra.

The election went into second round as the first round of the the election produce no clear winner after none of the aspirants got above 50% plus one of the total vote.

In the second round, Okraku had 59 votes while George Afriyie got 43 votes but conceded to Kurt to become Ghana FA president.

Kurt had to go through a Yes and No election since he didn't have above 50% plus one votes before he could be declared winner of the election.

The tradition of the Electoral Commission is to vote for a candidate even if all contenders concedes to get the standard 50+1 % votes so the commission will not be labeled as biased towards one candidate.

Kurt E.S Okraku will run Ghana Football Association for the next 4 years after which another election will be conducted.

By Ayodele Emaye

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