Players salaries needs to be shared properly - Alhaji Grusah Featured

30 Jul 2018
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Experienced football administrator Alhaji Karim Grusah does not agree that Ghana premier league players salaries should be deposited somewhere by their various teams.


"I don't support the idea that all registered players salaries should be calculated in full and be deposited somewhere by their various teams so that it would be paid monthly to the players because someone will steal it and it will cause trouble within the football fraternity". He told Kumasi based radio station, Metro FM.

The bankroller of Kumasi King Faisal also believes it was an awful act that money was given to princesses and not through the management team in order to get to the Black Princesses team.

"It was bad for the Liaison team Chairman(Dr Kofi Amoah) to give money to the Princess team personally, he should have given the money to the Princesses management team/technical team to be shared among the players", He expressed.

Grusah is reported to be a big candidate to contest for the FA presidency come 2019 when there would be an election.

By Derrick Ayim

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