Ishmael Kofi Antwi: From fading with the wind to the light in Spain Featured

30 Oct 2019
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Ishmael Kofi Antwi was born on the 4th of September 1992 in Accra, Ghana.

Ishmael is a gifted footballer who like other footballers had big dreams and aspirations.

He was on to the part of greatness and fame when an unfortunate incident changed his story to the other side.

Ishmael was part of the U20 Ghana squad that won the FIFA U20 WORLD CUP in Egypt 2009 but unfortunately couldn't take part in the tournament because he got Injured in the final friendly match before the tournament began.

According to script, he would fade away with the wind and no one would hear of him again.

Things didn't go according to the script this time as his name is now in the lips of Spanish fans.

Ishmael currently plays for UP Plasencia as a forward and has dazzled everyone in the club with his display.

He has won the player of the month countless times in Spanish Segunda B and he keeps giving his best for the club.

His light might be shining late at 27 but he could still fight his way to the top flight.

A man who went with the wind 10 years ago is back and his forcing his way into limelight.

If he continues with his descent performance and force his way to the top tier League in Spain or Europe, he can grab a shirt in black stars.

It's a matter of time before we see him in a black stars jersey dishing quality football.

By Ayodele Emaye

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