06 Aug 2019
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I could not stop tears from coming out of my eyes when I listened to the Chairman of JUCOAG, Northern Region, Mohammed Nurudeen Sham-Una speaking to the players at the point of discharging them to go home after they failed to secure busses to transport them to Accra for the competition.

I now know why Northern Region struggles for years to breach the gap between North and South but to no avail.

The political leaders are not ready for the gap to be breached. They don't have the plan in place to develop the region to catch up with others.

No plan by way of preparing the youth of the region that will change the face of the region in a near future. They only preach to the youth to stop wee smoking and taking of hard drugs.

Meanwhile, they are part of the causes of the drug abuse. See what they have done to the children, won't some of them try to take these drugs to release the heart break? Is it a crime to be a child of the north?

We always call on our Chiefs to support us in these areas, but is it their responsibility to do so? Theirs is to extend our voices to the political leaders to do the work for them. But they only listen to them in areas of their interest.

When Abdulai Mukarama went to Uruguay in 2018, anytime her name was mentioned, the name of Tamale will follow to the hearance of everybody in the world. Was that not making Tamale popular and proud?

Majeed Waris has a Foundation in Tamale that support kids especially the orphans. Is that not boosting development in Tamale and beyond?

Asamoah Gyan has a lot of businesses which employs 100s of people, adding more to the development of the already developed region. Don't we also need people like that tomorrow?

Why is it that our political leaders will not teach us how to fish, rather teaching us how to eat fish? If the fish at hand gets finished, how are we going to eat again?

I ask again! Is it a crime to be a child from Northern Region? Are there children somewhere that will come and take care of Northern Region when these current leaders go?

I guess if it were to be funeral, or anything bad, they would be waiting to see how much the counterpart will give so he will come and give more than that.

No MP in Tamale could secure 2 or 3 busses to send the talented children to Accra for a competition that could be an avenue for the better future of some of them. This particular competition could have been a source to produce Northern prides like Wakaso, Waris, or Baba.

If it were to be something else, they would hire the busses and even ask people to come for free fuel. Hmmmmm, I ask again, is it a crime to be a child from Northern Region?

During election time or the social gatherings of these selfish politicians, they will look for coaches to organize gala matches for them. Hmmmmm

Thank God that a child hardly forget things of these nature. But the political leaders should bear in mind that you can only reap what you sow. If you don't sow, you cannot reap. Our ancestors will never forgive some people if Northern Region in future is deficient in something they could have had in abundance.

The tears that the children shed at the stadium after the declaration that they would not go will surely hunt some people.

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