Ruiz Jr vs Joshua 2: Anthony Joshua lighter than Andy Ruiz Jr at weigh-in Featured

06 Dec 2019
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Anthony Joshua weighed in at his lowest ever for a world title fight, and will be three stone lighter than Andy Ruiz Jr in their rematch.

Joshua made a statement by weighing in at 16st 13lbs, having displayed a slimline physique all week, while Ruiz Jr was heavier than before their first fight at 20st 3lbs.

Ruiz Jr has increased in weight by over a stone since beating Joshua in their first fight (he weighed in last time at 19st 2lbs) while Joshua has drastically reduced from 17st 9lbs.

Their world heavyweight championship fight is live on Sky Sports Box Office on Saturday, with ring-walks at 8.45pm.

Asked if he was surprised at the substantial difference in weight, Joshua told Sky Sports News: "Not really, he's a big lad. It's a vast difference. The art of the game is to hit and not get hit.

"I will definitely be beating him to the punch.

"He's a big lad, I'm a big lad, and we hit hard regardless.

"The physical stuff is done. It's about the mental now. Aligning my body and my thoughts.

"I will be victorious.

"Within myself, I am confident. But I have to prove it to the world.

"I feel good. The weigh-in is important but, as heavyweights, it doesn't matter because skills pay the bills."

Joshua claimed earlier this week that his mission to avenge defeat to Ruiz Jr was "a marathon not a sprint", and his weigh-in result is the strongest indication yet that he plans to drag the new champion into the later rounds.

For Ruiz Jr's part, he questioned last month whether shedding muscle mass was a good idea for Joshua, wondering "if he will take the punches as well".

But Mexico's first world heavyweight champion also posted surprising results at Friday's weigh-in, after also making noises in the build-up that he had lost weight.

He planned to "feel light so it's easier to move on his feet" according to his chef and nutritionist.

Ruiz Jr said himself "I am losing eight pounds from what I weighed [prior to the first fight]" but has instead put on over a stone.

Source:Sky Sports

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