Eugene Jacquaye ground breaking manifestos to give Greater Accra Regional football Association a taste of modern day football administration Featured

23 Sep 2019
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Greater Accra RFA Chairman aspirant Eugene Jacquaye, released an impressive manifestos yesterday to the public.

The manifestos is said to be ground breaking and also setting huge standards, taking Ghana football to another level which has not been seen in a long time amidst irregularities and corruption going on in the Federation.

His manifesto is divided into two, which are the FOUR BLOCKS he will work on and his GOALS when he becomes the chairman.

The manifesto tackles major issues in the region and also introduce modern day way of governing a football region.

The four major blocks he will build on are:

1.Administrative Block

2. Technical Development Block

3. Club Development Block

4. Financial Returns On Investment Block

Under the Administrative Block, he will be introducing IT/Media Relations Officer, Business/Marketing Officer and a Financial officer In the administrative structure.

In the Technical Development block, he will organize regular courses to help club officials to upgrade. He will also introduce a system called the Pyramid of Player development for Coaches. The system is used in Spain, Germany, England, Holland, America through Coerver Coaching Instructors in collaboration with the Technical department of the GFA.

Under the Club Development block, he plans to organize Seminars to build the capacity of clubs and help them improve on what they have. He will also support clubs, to upgrade Administrative structures, develop good playing fields, acquire discounted equipment and infrastructure development through Private Partnership, NGO’S and District and Municipal Assemblies.

Lastly under the Financial Returns On Investment, He plans to assist clubs by introducing the Business/Marketing department to help access all Development and Solidarity payment due clubs .

His Goals for the region is divided into 3 they are:

1.Short Term Goals (First 6 months):

a) Modernize the secretariat with all necessary IT equipment's i.e. Computers, Printers, Scanners and Internet Service.

b) Raise General interest of football in the region through radio and TV program dubbed Grassroots Football show

2. Medium Term Goals (6 month to 2 years):

a) Have all juvenile coaches go through the cover coaching course “the pyramid of player developing” in collaboraƟon with corporate sponsorship and the GFA.

b) Assist interested clubs to acquire team bus. (i.e) the buses will work during the week and use that money to offset the cost whiles the teams use the bus during weekend.

3. Long Term Goals (2 years to 4 years):

a) Make Greater Accra RFA a model of modern day football administration.

b) Have a sponsored Division 2 regional League.

c) Have a sponsored colts and women’s League.

Eugene Jacquaye believes that to achieve these Goals , the association must be run using this key factors, they are:

1. The administration will be inclusive, as it will involve all the stakeholders.

2. Professionalism will be institutionalized, appointing or employing anybody in any position will be base on merit.

3. The administration will be transparent and accountable.

With this ground breaking manifestos, Eugene Jacquaye is set to give Greater Accra Regional football Association a taste of modern day football in Ghana.

By Ayodele Emaye

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