Eugene Jacquaye, the way forward for Greater Accra Regional Football Association Featured

14 Oct 2019
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Eugene Jacquaye, the man of the moment is the way forward for Greater Accra Regional Football Association.

In the last few weeks, Jacquaye has dished out his modern plans and manifestos to the public.

Jacquaye put together a modern plan into his manifestos that will solve the present issues and problems in Greater Accra RFA and put the Greater Accra RFA No1 in Ghana Football administration.

He divided his plans into 4 blocks in his manifestos, they are: Administrative block, Technical development block, club development block and Financial return on investment block.

The above solve all problems in Greater Accra Regional football Association and also instill a sense of belonging to all club owners and stake holders as they will be involved in the decision making in Greater Accra RFA.

For him to achieve his plans structurally, identifiable and quickly, he divided his goals into three, they are short term goals (first 6 months), medium term goals (6 months to 2 years) and long term goals (2 years to 4 years).

Jacquaye has a lot of plans for Greater Accra RFA, and for him to effectively achieve this plans, he has diveded it into different goals.

Jacquaye is a man of vision and his willing to bring his vision into reality and give Greater Accra RFA a modern day football administration.

An administration that will take Greater Accra RFA to the next level.

Eugene Jacquaye is the light on the way, follow the light to get to the final destination safely.

By Ayodele Emaye

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